Air99 LLC

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Air99 tackles the problems of air pollution and pandemic protection. 

Hazardous Air

When Air99 launched in 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that over 7 million people were dying prematurely, annually, because of air pollution. At the same time, a United Nations (UN) report on pandemic flu predicted that a virulent strain of influenza could spread worldwide to all major global capitals in less than 60 days and kill 33 million people in under 9 months.

The global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak began in December 2019 and has now been implicated in infecting over 140 million worldwide via airborne transmission and killing nearly 3 million. Exhaled aerosols and droplets are the primary means of transmission. Masks are the first-line of defense, arguably more important than vaccines.

Record-breaking wildfires have burned vast regions of the US west, including California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, destroying homes and choking the air with hazardous particulates. More hot, dusty weather, and fires are predicted.

N95 masks have been around in the hardware store forever, it seems. It's true. They are based on designs whose origins date back at least 50 years. It is time for a big change. Air99 LLC is making it.


Airgami is a first-principles rethink of the N95 respirator. It fits better, looks better, and works better.

The design won Air99 the 2019 Reimagining Respiratory Protection QuickFire Challenge trophy and grant, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) under the offices of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response (ASPR) and Health and Human Services (HHS).


 Air99 develops the world’s most advanced air-purifying respirators based on our patented Airgami design. Airgami saves lives by blocking 95% of airborne aerosols that can potentially carry viruses, and PM0.3 air pollution. Airgami is more breathable, comfortable, and aesthetic than conventional N95 respirators. We continuously innovate to improve our manufacturing and test methods to deliver the highest quality at a reasonable cost.


Air99 is a family affair. Born of necessity to protect their son from air pollution while living in Asia, Airgami is now manufactured in the USA under the supervision of husband-and-wife-team, CEO, Richard Gordon, and COO, Min Xiao, PhD, MBA. With 75-years of high-tech industrial experience between them, and as long-time users, they partner to bring you the best-quality-possible Airgami respirator.