Air99 tests the Airgami respirator according to NIOSH-N95-specific test conditions for measuring inhalation/exhalation breathing resistance and NaCl particle penetration. We also use the OSHA-approved TSI Portacount 8048 to test for fit-factor, which measures how well the mask seals against the faces of different human test subjects. Following are test results for each of these categories.

Passes NIOSH N95 Filtering Efficiency Test

Airgami passes NIOSH N95 filtering-efficiency tests performed by Nelson Labs to NIOSH N95 specifications. Tests confirm that Airgami filters more than 95% of particles larger than 0.3 microns in diameter. This confirms the filter's ability to protect the wearer from inhaling hazardous infected aerosols, wildfire smoke, air-pollution, pollen, and mold.

Passes NIOSH N95 Breathing Resistance Test

Airgami passes NIOSH N95 breathing-resistance tests performed by Nelson Labs to NIOSH N95 specifications. This test confirms that Airgami has best-in-class breathability for maximum comfort.

Passes OSHA-approved TSI Portacount Fit Testing

Airgami passes OSHA N95 fit-factor testing. We measure fit factor with the highly-accurate TSI Portacount 8048 particle counter with accompanying particle generator. This is the gold standard and ultimate stress-test of a mask. It determines whether or not a mask seals against a real person's face while they are in motion doing work-related tasks.

Our testing test confirms that Airgami removes hazardous aerosols and particulates from inhaled air by creating an airtight seal against the face and forcing inhaled air to first pass through the filter.

Many of the subjects who we fit-tested who had no facial hair were able to achieve perfect or near-perfect fit-factor scores.

 Airgami Overall Fit-Factor Score

Bending at the waist 200+
Reading a script 200+
Turning head left and right 200+
Looking up and down 200+
Jogging in place 200+