N95-grade mask. Best-in-class breathability.
    Award-winning origami design.
    Blocks infectious aerosols, PM2.5 air pollution, wildfire smoke, dust, pollen, and molds.
    Self-conforming fit. Adjustable harness. Feather-light.
    No nose wires. No exhale valves.
    Won't fog your glasses. Won't fall off your nose.
    Won't collapse onto your mouth. Won't muffle your voice.
    Lasts a month of daily wear. Heat disinfectable.


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Airgami Colors & Patterns

Fits Better

N95-grade Fit

The origami structure dynamically conforms to the wearer's face to stop leakage around the edges and force air through the filter.

Airgami passed N95 quantitative fit tests performed in-house and by third-parties.

Adjustable Harness

The patented harness design micro-adjusts for size and tension. Available in ear-loop or head-strap configurations (specify in your cart notes at checkout).

Won't Fog Your Glasses

Airgami eliminates metal nose wires and elastomeric foams.

See How To Adjust Harness
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Airgami passes N95 quantitative fit testing. Tubes from the blue machine on the right (TSI Portacount 8048) sample air inside and outside the mask simultaneously to determine mask filtration efficiency as worn.

Works Better

N95-grade Filtration

Airgami passes NIOSH N95 pre-certification tests of particle filtration efficiency and breathing resistance as measured by Nelson Laboratories.

See Test Reports
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Best-in-class breathability

Airgami filter surface area is 2x to 4x bigger than conventional N95 respirators and masks, putting Airgami at the top of its class for breathability.

No Exhale Valves

Your breath passes through the filter both ways, protecting you and those around you.

Surface area comparison
Airgami has a bigger filter for best-in-class breathability.

Heat Disinfectable

Research by CDC and other institutions have demonstrated that heat destroys COVID-19 and other viruses.

Based on their recommendations, Airgami can be sterilized in an oven or microwave. Other respirators can not.

Disinfection Instructions
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Looks Better

Airgami is a technical origami with a uniquely appealing aesthetic and exciting colors and patterns.

Box light
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"Super breathable. As worn: 97.9% efficiency and a really awesome 0.17 inch pressure drop. They focus on a super breathable mask and I have to give them credit for that. It moves really well with the jaw so it's easy to talk and I don't feel like I'm muffled. There's no mask collapse to the face." - Aaron Collins, Mask Nerd

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Orgami mask

Lisa Birnbach - "5 Things" Podcast

"In the world of mask couture, I have discovered the Airgami, which is engineered to be airtight. I love the way it fits.  Your breathing feels more natural, and somehow the ear loops feel better as well.  It doesn’t fog my glasses!  I’m impressed with this mask.  I can wear earrings with it!  It was designed by a very clever friend of mine, while living in China.  The Airgami has won awards. You should try it."

Lisa Birnbach Podcast

Air99 Statement

Breathing pure air is essential to everyone's life and well being.

Air99 reduces suffering by enabling people to breathe the purest air possible with the greatest comfort, style, and quality.

That gives everyone a chance to exercise their own infinite potential to reduce suffering.