Sizing & Adjusting the Fit

Use this head-form diagram and sizing chart to determine the Airgami size that fits you best. 

All sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges. First-time customers: We strongly recommend that you buy only ONE Airgami in the desired size and harness configuration to test the fit. 

How To Measure

Hold a ruler flush against your skin (not away from your face). Look in a mirror to read the measurements. If you use a tape, be sure to measure approximately straight-line distances, not following the contour of the face.

What To MeasureAirgami Sizing Headform

Nasal bone

Width: Width of the mouth from corner to corner.

Length: Length from the bottom of the nasal bone to the base of your chin. The bottom of the nasal bone is located about 1/3 of the way down from the nose bridge to the tip of the nose.

Choose Your Size

Use both width and length measurements to look up your size in the table below.

If your measurements are in the overlap of two sizes, we generally recommend the smaller size that fits both the width and length. Choose the larger size that fits both the width and length if any of the following applies:

  • For people whose mouth is small relative to the head size.
  • For people with beard. Depending on the beard style, it may not be possible to get good protection regardless of sizes. See FAQ for details.

Not many people needs XL. 

Size Sized For Approximate 
Width of Mouth
Distance From
Nasal Bone to Chin
S Adult Small 1½" – 2¼" 3½" – 4¼"
M Adult Medium 2" – 2¾" 3¾" – 4¾"
L Adult Large " – 3¼" 4½" – 5¼"
XL Adult Extra Large 3" – 3½" 5"  5½"

Donning Airgami

Important: Please handle Airgami by the harness lobes only. These are where the harness attaches to the mask on the left and right sides. Avoid touching the Airgami surface.

Orient Airgami with the Infinite-a logo up. Hold the harness lobes to bring the mask to your face and place your chin in first.

For the ear loop configuration, place the ear loops around your ears. We make the ear loops long so customers can find their own comfortable length. To shorten the ear loop, simply pull down the outer knot of the elastics. To reverse the process, pull the elastics above the outer harness hole.

For the head strap configuration, place the upper head strap on the crown of your head and the lower head strap behind the neck. The strap lock (white disc) can be used to adjust the lower strap length. The strap lock has two designs: single-disc (shown in video) and double-disc. Pull the elastics knots to slide the strap lock.

Look in the mirror to make sure that Airgami is sitting symmetrically on your face and isn't twisted or distorted. The first crease below each eye and the diagonal crease on each side of the nose bridge should be flat on the skin.

Do not press Airgami against your face after you don it. There is no nose wire to shape. Pressing the surface of Airgami can deform the folds, which could negatively impact fit and seal.

If deformation happens by accident and has not been in that state for long, use fingers to gently push the folds in the direction opposite to the deformation. In most cases, the deformed folds could snap back into place.

Sizing Micro-adjustment

The harness elastic controls tension on the folded bellows. Tightening the bellows creates a smaller perimeter that comes in contact with your face, thereby fitting a smaller face. Loosening the bellows fits a larger face.

The same harness elastic controls tension on ear loops or head straps. The greater the tension, the tighter the mask presses into your face, creating a tighter seal and vice-versa.

Although "cuffing" is one of the adjustment options, please use cuffing as the last resort. It is best to get a good fit without cuffing, especially on the nose side.