Sizing & Adjusting the Fit

Use this head-form diagram and sizing chart to determine the Airgami size that fits you best.

How To Measure

Hold a ruler flush against your skin (not away from your face). Look in a mirror to read the measurements. If you use a tape, be sure to measure approximately straight-line distances, not following the contour of the face.

What To Measure

Nasal bone

Width: Width of the mouth from corner to corner.

Length: Length from the bottom of the nasal bone to the base of your chin. The bottom of the nasal bone is located about 1/3 of the way down from the nose bridge to the tip of the nose.

Choose Your Size

Use both measurements to look up your size in the table below. If your measurements overlap two sizes:

  • For regular usage, choose the smaller size that fits both the width and length;
  • For singing, choose the larger size that fits both the width and length;
  • If face is short and wide, choose the size based on the width;
  • If face is tall and thin, choose the size based on the length.
Size Sized For Approximate 
Width of Mouth
Length of
Nasal Bone to Chin
XL Adult Extra Large 2½" – 3½" 4½"  5½"
L Adult Large 2¼" – 3" 4" – 5"
M Adult Medium 1¾" – 2½" 3¾" – 4½"
S Adult Small 1¼" – 2" 3½" – 4¼"

Sizing Micro-adjustment

The harness elastic controls tension on the folded bellows. Tightening the bellows creates a smaller perimeter that comes in contact with your face, thereby fitting a smaller face. Loosening the bellows fits a larger face.

The same harness elastic controls tension on ear loops or head straps. The greater the tension, the tighter the mask presses into your face, creating a tighter seal and vice-versa.

Please see videos on how to make the adjustments.