October 27, 2020: Air99 Unveils Its Airgami® With Best-in-Class Breathability

Richard GordonOct 27, '20

Boulder, Colorado

Air99 LLC, a respirator development company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, announced today at BARDA Industry Day 2020 that it will begin selling the revolutionary Airgami® respirator online at http://www.Airgami.Life by December, 2020.

"The world desperately wants and needs a more comfortable, effective mask. Most of today's commercially-available masks look the same because they are based on designs that date back 50 to 100 years. In comparison, the patented Airgami respirator is a technical breakthrough. Airgami fits better, works better, and looks better than conventional masks," said Richard Gordon, founder and CEO of Air99.

"People love the Airgami aesthetic but are blown away by the performance. It makes them feel more confident leading a normal life in today's times, whether traveling, shopping, exercising, going to school, or hanging out with friends. Wearing the Airgami mask has been a huge comfort to me, personally, dealing with the pandemic and the smoke from the unprecedented wildfires this month in Boulder. Air99's biggest problem now is meeting demand."

The Airgami respirator is an air-purifying mask with a patented origami structure that self-conforms to and gently grips the wearer's face for a better fit:

• Less bad air leaks in through the mask perimeter.

• Filtration is provided by an ultra-low-resistance, 95% efficient, electrostatic, PM2.5 filter that blocks particulates and aerosols as small as 0.3 microns in diameter.

• Filter surface area is significantly larger, and therefore, more breathable and comfortable compared to conventional masks, thanks to the unique origami design.

• Air passes both ways with less resistance through the larger filter. This eliminates the need for an exhale valve to keep the mask cool. Eliminating the exhale valve protects those in close proximity to the Airgami mask's wearer from exhaled aerosolized particles.

• Airgami seals better around the nose and mouth, yet eliminates the uncomfortable nose wires and sticky nose pads that most other masks use.

• Airgami minimizes the chances your glasses will fog because of the improved fit and controlled airflow.

• Getting rid of all that excess material makes Airgami featherlight and more comfortable for long-term wear.

• Durable, waterproof materials make Airgami rinseable, reusable, and long-lasting. The lack of metal makes it possible to disinfect in dry heat for 30 minutes at 176°F.

• A two-way micro-adjustable harness customizes the fit and tension against the wearer's face for greater protection and comfort.

The Airgami respirator is a triumph of minimalist design. Less is more. Form and function are one, creating an effective and visually strikingly aesthetic.

Kids think it looks cool. It’s more comfortable and helps them breathe easier, which is important since their lungs are developing and they are far more vulnerable to air pollution than adults.


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