Passed N95 pre-certification tests with best-in-class breathability.
    Blocks infectious aerosols, PM2.5 air pollution, wildfire smoke, dust, pollen, and molds.
    Self-conforming fit. Adjustable harness. Feather-light.
    No nose wires. No exhale valves.
    Won't fall off your nose. Won't collapse onto your mouth.
    Less fogging on your glasses. Less muffling of your voice.
    Reusable. Rinseable. Heat disinfectable.
    Winner of multiple awards. Made in the USA.


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Aaron "Mask Nerd" Collins

"Super breathable. As worn: 97.9% efficiency and a really awesome 0.17 inch pressure drop. They focus on a super breathable mask and I have to give them credit for that. It moves really well with the jaw so it's easy to talk and I don't feel like I'm muffled. There's no mask collapse to the face."

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Air99 Statement

Breathing pure air is essential to everyone's life and well being.

Air99 strives to make our users confident about the air they breathe by relentlessly focusing on Airgami respirator quality, functionality, comfort, reuse, and style.